Image of Photography Practice - Capturing Fast Pace Movement

Photography Practice - Capturing Fast Pace Movement

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This course is specifically designed for those who have already taken either an online or an in-person photography course or who has more than basic knowledge of their DSLR camera. This is a chance for the parents of moving toddlers or children in sports to practice capturing movement.
We will have my kids and others there to be our models and I will give hands-on instruction for what to do.
We will plan to have about 30 minutes of instruction beforehand with about 45 minutes of practice on our subjects. I will be there to hold your hand answer all your questions and help you learn how to capture your children doing what they love best.

Image of In-Person Photography Course
In-Person Photography Course
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Image of Photography Camp for Kids
Photography Camp for Kids
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Image of Online Photography Course
Online Photography Course
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